Pascal Smelik

Designer and artist Pascal Smelik was born in 1983 in Oegstgeest, The Netherlands. He studied Product Design at the Utrecht School of the Arts and founded his studio in 2010

Smelik’s exploratory work aims to expand the contemporary notion of design. His objects are characterized by his fascination for the growth, distortion and fusion of natural phenomena and their processes.

Navigating between art and design, his processes lead to peculiar design methods. By combining this expressive potential with both traditional and modern production techniques, Smelik generates work that recalls nature and growth in the abstract.

His works, collectible and unique pieces, have been featured in galleries and exhibited at leading international design fairs around the world.

The studio of Pascal Smelik mainly works with small series’, limited editions and site or context specific commissions.

He has a spontaneous way to design tradional products. Smelik sees the small failures and risky design flaws that he experiences during this process more as a discovery than as a setback.

VICE- magazine

Pascal Smelik is an original artist who beautifully displays organic forms with an elegant mix of crafts and modern techniques.

E.W. – client

The longer you look at it, the more they will trigger your fantasy and look like organic bubbles. Dutch Designer Pascal Smelik uses hot wax and an aquarium tank full of cold water to make molten sculptures.

The Creators Project - magazine

He continues to search for the right technical solution and choice of materials.

F.S. – client

Pascal processes the needs of the client and their surroundings in his own objects, with astonishing results.

W.W. – client